Mind your own business….

Why can’t we stick to our own business and not interfere with others business, why is it that we always have to know about what is going in other persons life….

Why can’t we just focus on our goal and problems….

Answer is simple that it is always interesting for us to know about others we don’t know our own worth but value others.

We should try and kedp ourselves distant from others so that we can actually take our job seriously.

Honor 8 Pro.. In-depth Review.

Hey guys,

Today I will share with you the review of honor 8 with pros and cons.

I have been using it for nearly 2 weeks, so i am in a situation to share my experience with you.

Honor 8 comes with the following specifications:-

HiSilicon Kirin 960 (Octa Core Processor)

5.7″ Quad HD IPS LCD Screen (Gorilla Glass 3)

Mali G71 MP8 GPU

128 GB Internal Storage 

Dual sim nano / 2nd sim hybrid

Dual 12 MP f2.2 Rear Camera/ 8 MP Front

4000 mAh Battery ( Fast Charging ) 

Fingerprint Scanner / NFC / IR Blaster

We get a lot of hardware considering the price of this device.

I will start with the PROS :- 

1. SCREEN : Sort of a fablet size screen like the galaxy note devices. Quad HD Display therefore screen quality is really good. Viewing angles are really good. Auto brightness sensor is really well calibrated.

2. SENSORS : We get all the sensors in this device, including the IR blaster, which facilitates you to even operate Television and Air Conditioner.

3. BUILD QUALITY : Good ( Metallic )  feels quite solid to hold. It comes with Gorilla Glass 3 protection on front. Premium build quality.

4. SOUD QUALITY : Audio output is excellent. Its adequately loud. Sound output from head phone jack is amazing.

5. Cellular Call Quality : No issues regarding that.

Don’t worry about the performance of this device. It was not lagging. Don’t worry about the RAM. You can open a lot of tabs and it will work smoothly.

It has a good battery which easily last for 1 working day. Fast Charger took almost 2 hours to fully charge the device.

12 MP Camera this device has 2 camera on the back first one is the RGB colour sensor, second one is the monochrome sensor.

In outdoor conditions camera worked really good but in low light or artificial light conditions it was not that satisfactory.

For outdoor conditions the colour reproduction is really good, quite natural we can say. Indoor was not that good.

Here comes the CONS :- 

Regarding screen I would say thAt in direct sunlight it was not very very bright.

When I used camera the device started getting hot its not like that it shut down.

It does not come with Optical Image Stabilization.

Software Update are not very fast for honor devices.

But still I would say we get a lot of hardware considering the price. Overall performance of the phone is spectacular.

I hope my review gave you quick information regarding the device. If you liked it don’t forget to like it and follow this blog where I will bring you the latest of technology updates.

Thank You :)-

Jio announced new plans on 11 July …. are you guys excited

Hey guys, I am talking about the 4G jio sim which just stepped in the indian telecom market and is having more than 112 milllion customers just by providing free data for almost like 6 months.

Actually I am also using a jio sim, its the cheapest and according to be the best sim right now in the market.

But here is something to stay updated

As the summer suprise offer is going to end soon, so jio announced new plans for its users on 11 July.

These plans offer you double validity and double data.

I have myself visited the site and made up a list of the best plans.

Here is the list

1. Rs 309 plan – It gives you validity of 56 days unlike before it was only 28 days. It will provide 1 GB 4G data per day for 56 days and then after 1 GB the speed will reduce to 128 kbps.

2. Rs 349 plan – It gives you 20 GB of data with no limit of 1 GB 4G data per data with a validity of 56 days.

3. Rs 399 plan – This is the best plan according to me as it gives you 1 GB 4G data per day for 84 days and after 1 GB the speed will reduce to 128 kbps.

4. 509 Rs plan – In this plan you get 2 GB 4G data per data for 2 months and after 2 GB the speed will reduce to 128 kbps.

So guys i hope you are ready to switch to your new plans.

I personally recommend the 399 Rs plan but its totally upto you choose the best plan that suits your needs.

Do let me know which plan you chose by commenting, if you found the article useful hit the like button.

And follow this blog in which i share articles related to engineering and technology.

Stay tuned

Thank You  :)-

Focus.. and reach there first.

Bill gates once said that we should know where the world is going and be there first, cause in that way we can never lose. But how to analyse where the world is going. To analyse this we need to observe the regular trend followed by people in our society and think how we can be at top among them.

To be at the top we don’t need to be the best or be hard working we need to be smart worker becausee everybody nowadays is doing hardwork but only those are successful who are capable of doing smart work.

Now the question arises how to work smartly?

Its simple we need to understand our requirements and anything else which is not our requirement or will not add up to something which can help us to achieve our requirements.

Fact is that to work like a professional we should avoid wasting time and not indulge ourselves in activities which will take our time and will not help us to do a better job.

Some people say if we meditate we can be focussed and distractions will reduce to negligible. But i think that if we are passionate about something whatever it is. (Like in my case I am passionate about writing my blog.)

Therefore nothing distracts me while i am writing my blog. Everthing else comes after your passion, your dream, your ideas. What you love to do what you enjoy the most. After all we have got this one life a single chance to live and if we are doing something in which we are not feeling happy and are not quite involved then any small thing can distract us, but when we do something passionately and we get pleasure then to achieve pleasure our brain restricts entire body to get distracted and it stats focussing and mark my words when you achieve focus in whatever you are doing and doing it with passion then nobody can stop you from being there first. ( First refers to the place mentioned in the starting of this article.)


Starting Engineering..

In India career means engineering to most of the people. Parents think if their child is thinking about a different career then he has lost his track.

What makes them think like that?Problem is that we all want to be different and unique but we need a leader we need someone who can inspire us  which makes us all the same that is a dumb-driven cattle. Noone is thinking about being a leader and leading a army everbody is looking for a ideal which he or she can follow.

They lack the thinking that they can be a leader, they can lead an army, they can create something new and innovative. Everybody wants a stable career they want to have a good life, but to achieve this milestone they are ready to follow anyone blindly. People who know about this misuse these kind of people and use them for their own benefit which eventually leads to frustration.

I personally think that someone among us will have to take a step. We should not think of getting a job. We should think of an idea which can create a job. Otherwise their will be no jobs and youngsters will lose track and will go mad as they will have nothing to do. We have got to understand this serious issue.

One other problem is that we want to earn a lot of money in a very small interval of time. We don’t even know what we will do with the money but we want to earn it. For this we try to find easy options and forget that we need to learn and develop skills in a particular field to be able to earn money. There is no shortcut of earning if it would have been that easy then all the students completing engineering would have got jobs but the case is exactly opposite only few get jobs. Others lose this opportunity as they look for easy options.

I personally think that to achieve something big we need to have vision we need to have a platform and skills so that we can do what we want without any help. Every single company in this world starts with a very small idea but it has very broad and clear vision behind that.

If we want to achieve something we will have to think differently. And to think differently we don’t need to be an engineer we can be any random guy with a certain amount of talent and hunger to create something new.

I don’t say that we should not choose engineering as a career, but before choosing it we should know what we want to do in our life and what we want to achieve and which skills do we need to acquire to achieve the respective goal of our life and if we will get to learn those skills during engineering course then don’t think twice and join engineering. Cause u know what you want and how you will achieve it.

Thank You….

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